A feel-good atmosphere and modern lighting, heating and cooling concepts create the ideal condi­tions for the creativity, well-being and produc­tivity of employees.

Central corridor on the ground floor

Office Spaces

That’s how we work
in the 21st century

Sophisti­cated work enjoys a sophisti­cated environment. Office spaces with ceiling heights of up to 4.0 m and unique gallery floors of up to 7.0 m create a wonderful sense of space. A modern heating/cooling concept and a smart lighting system make for a healthy and pleasant work atmosphere. Employees can meet in the spaciously designed kitchenettes, and a cleverly designed drinking water concept also promotes sustainable practices in this area. The sanitary facilities are equipped with showers that provide refreshment after a lunch break workout or after a strenuous appointment.

The office spaces can be tailored to the tenants‘ requi­re­ments, the furnis­hings are of high quality, the floor can be covered with sustainable and recycled materials, such as wood, linoleum or carpet, as desired. The building services are partly exposed, creating a special indus­trial charm that is enhanced by the office doors, some of which are as high as the ceiling. Modern, bright rooms create a wonderful work atmosphere. The combi­nation of open meeting points and places for focused work is the ideal prere­quisite for high produc­tivity and communication.

The first building in Germany to receive this certification.

Work is becoming incre­asingly digital. This is not a threat but an oppor­tunity that opens up many possi­bi­lities. Booking a confe­rence room or parking space via the app, checking the app for the day’s menu at the bistro or talking to the employees of other tenants – digita­li­sation connects and simplifies things. A fast and stable internet connection is therefore all the more important. Are there fibre-optic connec­tions all the way to the rental areas? Is the mobile signal amplified to such an extent that mobile connec­tivity is also ensured? Are redun­dancies, that is functional overca­pa­cities, created to compensate for and thus prevent a possible failure?

The connec­tivity requi­re­ments of tech-savvy tenants are incre­asing and the “aer” will be the first building ever in the German-speaking region to receive the full 100 points in the certi­fi­cation process. The WiredScore certi­fi­cation analyses the quality of the digital infra­structure and enables buildings to be optimally prepared for the demands arising from growing digital needs. The “aer” is aiming for WiredScore Platinum certification.

The fastest internet thanks to fibre optics
Perfectly equipped for the work styles of the future

The aer

Like Neuperlach itself, the “aer” offers a generous amount of space that can be reden­sified intel­li­gently to meet the needs of the future. This makes it a pioneer for the new workspaces of tomorrow. The former adminis­trative building of the Allianz insurance company stands out from other office buildings with its timeless archi­tecture and bright white façade: a building complex with an elongated main structure covered with glass.
Thanks to the reden­si­fi­cation by Oliv Archi­tekten, the innovative and sustainable interior design ideas by Arnold Werner and the creative upgrading of the outdoor areas by “Studio Vulkan Landschafts­ar­chi­tekten”, the “aer” has what it takes to become a blueprint for future building develo­p­ments in Germany.

View of the building with green terrace and glass staircase


More room for more

In mathe­ma­tical terms, there will be up to 8,000 m² of additional usable space at the „aer“ once the reden­si­fi­cation is completed. In more poetic terms, vacant spaces will be filled with new life. New building sections will be added in between the existing spaces in a respectful and careful way – creating spaces for restau­rants, gyms, childcare centres and confe­rence rooms. The extra­or­dinary office spaces created in this way offer room for a wide variety of layouts and use types. The interior of the “aer” will be reden­sified, rejuve­nated, expanded and optimised – just like the up-and-coming location of Neuperlach itself, whose potential is now being redis­co­vered by developers.

Interior sketch of the gallery floor on the ground floor, Oliv GmbH Thomas Sutor architect


Greenery all the way to the rooftop

Innovative open space concepts complete the refur­bishment of the “aer”: brain­storming sessions, lunch breaks and client meetings can easily be taken to one of the roof terraces of the „aer“, with breath­taking views of the Alps. There are seating areas, shaded nooks and, above all, a lot of green for bees and staff to enjoy. Concepts for a rooftop bar, an exercise area and urban gardening widen the range of space and movement offered at the “aer”, providing greater employee satis­faction. The outdoor office is a place for inter­action, creation and relaxation. Instead of a long office day in front of the computer, employees stay in motion. Active working, agile working, the possi­bility of switching rooms, moving from the inside to the outside - all this provides joy, motivation, creation and thus productivity.
Just let it work its magic on you.

One of the highlights is the greening on the roof terraces

„The idea is to create the kind of visibility that runs through the overall concept like a green thread.“

Interview with:

Arnold Werner (Interior concept)